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I help people translate ideas from words and visuals into prototypes and websites using code.

For me, good design is
– useful and usable
– elegant and aesthetic
– evolutionary and exploratory
– respectful of data protection and security

My working experience throughout the years has shown me not only the significance of cost and project management and visual consistency, but also the need to pay attention to details, when approaching a project.

Thus, I am focused on embracing a full user experience, on breaking down internal barriers among physical, digital and service design, and I believe that knowledge of design and technology per se does not lead to great products/services. You have to scratch beneath the surface:

understand Business and its needs.



Driven by passion & curiosity, I try to learn & discover new things everyday.

I aim to create content for various platforms which are memorable because they are emotional; valuable because they are personalised; engaging because they are interactive.


I think that everything we make has its own rhythm and every single project must have its unique style.


Connections; I look for them everywhere. In architecture, furniture, design, food, fabric, geometry, photography and travelling. I find elements that match — or clash magnificently — and fuse them into a wholly original vision.

After all, Design is everything.

Oh! You like to scroll!

Do you know that only 3% of users scroll so far?

– Is this a joke for you?

– Ok that’s enough.

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