If you are looking for a change if you are looking for a new chic look. The LEFAS hair salon is for you.
Tailor fit meets individual style, our stylists are highly knowledgeable and friendly. You will receive unequaled treatment from exceptionally trained stylists.You will receive unequaled treatment from exceptionally trained stylists.Tailor fit meets individual style, our stylists are highly knowledgeable and friendly. You will receive unequaled treatment from exceptionally trained stylists.We believe in beauty, so we have created one of the best hair salons in Thessaloniki that is committed to offering excellent hair services.

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B2B eCommerce

BRANDS UP is a new brand created by experienced and passionate
people in the apparel industry. Our mission is to collect the star brands
in kids fashion and create a family out of them! ▲
We support and offer high-quality kids clothing with a goal to build
long-term sustainability. We are dedicated to helping parents find
everything they need in one place, while showcasing each child’s
unique character and encouraging him or her to face the world with
confidence. ▲
We are always on the move!
Our beloved staff travels across the globe, compiling unique apparel
and accessory collection of renowned brands. By doing so, we gather
the most beautiful designs into one store for easy accessibility.▲
The heart of our company is our staff, who strike a balance between
following up-and-coming fashion trends and cherishing everlasting
designs, that are never outdated


Create a design for an architecture studio that reflects the company and its services. ● The first priority was to be visually appealing, polished and professional.

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Aletri is a bakery clouded by captivating aromas of freshly baked bread. The hand-baking, high quality flour and cereals, individual approach to each product, stupefying aroma and taste, make this bakery a place that you would hardly pass by indifferent.

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Project About

“We believe that aspiration is the key element for people and countries to develop
and grow locally and internationally.

Not only in terms of economic influence and exchange of goods, but also by advancing
the spread of new cultures and ideas for cultural and economic growth in various social textures.

Subsequently, transportation has been increasingly feasible, which fostered the demand
for integration between people and their access to global education and work,
especially nowadays with the new way of living and working abroad, the so-called Digital Nomad.

For us, it all started 25 years ago, when we decided to explore the opportunities,
EU had given us, to study and live abroad. We managed to blend our cultures effectively,
to adopt and acquire new learning and working methods, and most importantly to utilize
the knowledge we acquired, when we returned to our country as professionals.

We were lucky enough, to meet and engage abroad with experts that gave us the stimuli
to follow their method of working, through dedication, flexibility and determination
to achieve our goals.”

Oh, Baby!

Oh, baby is a children’s brand that aims to accompany children from birth to their steps in pre-adolescence with comfortable clothes and eco-friendly toys made by hand with quality materials.

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