Pizza Boxes Custom Design ⦿


Pizza branding is one of the important channels of brand communication that connects the product with
the buyer. ■ Therefore, it was important to make the logo and the packaging as attractive and simple as possible.

Aletri Homepage ⦿


Aletri is a bakery clouded by captivating aromas of freshly baked bread. The hand-baking, high quality flour and cereals, individual approach to each product, stupefying aroma and taste, make this bakery a place that you would hardly pass by indifferent.

KOS TV Visual Identity ⦿


Creating a visual identity for a local channel of beautiful island KOS in Greece ⦿

"Let your inner beauty shine" ⦿


Probably one of the most simple but effective trends in e-commerce packaging design right now is clean, straightforward design. ■ While this trend is a lot more understated, it is an incredibly powerful way to ensure products stand out against the competition

“The Jungle”

Coffee is our moment of greatest freedom and we want customers to experience that. With Jungle, every cup of coffee can be a powerful opportunity.
To create, expand, provoke and exchange ideas.

Album Cover Front • Elena Theodoridou

CD Packaging Design

People often talk about album covers as points of entry, but they are also a means of remembering – a way of revisiting the world of an album with a single glance.

Premium Scented Candles Design • Elena Theodoridou - Kofteridou Despina

Premium Scented Candles

Premium Scented Greek Candles is a brand that provides a personalised fragrance, reminiscent of greek islands. Each scent is carefully manufactured using the best natural extracts to offer the best aromatic experience.
The brand reflects the feeling of greek summer, that feeling of calm and freshness.

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