“Type could be more than just a design tool, but a tool for educating and sharing stories”

September 9, 2020
Article by Θεοδωρίδου Έλενα
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An interview with Tré Seals of Vocal Type on embedding culture into typography, getting a seat at the table as a Black designer, and designing typefaces for Spike Lee.

                   What makes the person, the character and the philosophy of type designer Tré Seals so interesting is, in fact, his own perpetual interest, and continual exploration, of the field.

Noting the short – and fundamentally non-inclusive – history of typography, the Washington-based creative not only sees but thoughtfully traverses the industry with intrigue, enthusiasm and critique; crafting equally as intriguing, enthusiastic and critical typefaces and projects in the process. Recently working with cinematic legend Spike Lee in the production of their new book – proceeding the creation of his own independent type foundry Vocal Type – Tré is a creative force to be reckoned with. To date, Tré and Vocal Type have a sensational array of expansive typographic endeavours, investigating Black culture and civil rights through the powerful and expressive lens of letterforms.

We’ve spoken to Tré to discuss as much, touching upon explorative practice, the research and story behind it, as well as his recent collaboration with Spike Lee.

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